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All prices listed are subject to Federal and Provincial Taxes

U.S. Cash or Cheques only please.


The sky's the limit at Rousseau's Landing!

With so many lakes to choose from you will never run out of opportunities to catch your limit or go home with a prize catch!


Sandbar Lake is abundant with Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Perch.  You can venture abroad to other lakes with cached boats for Lake Trout!

All lakes EXCEPT Kukukus & Sandbar require you to transport the motor and gas.  You will need to take a paddle, plug, as well as boat cushions.

(Jon will assist with loading.)


A boat kit will be supplied as well.  

Ontario Law requires a boat kit and life jackets for all boaters.

           Boat Cache Lakes - Daily Rentals Available

Rousseau's Landing

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